Suzuki Exhausts

As a recognisable company Suzuki has been around since 1909. Back then they produced weaving looms not motorcycles. Two wheel production started in the early fifties with adapted cycles fitted with small engines that were suitable for commuters. From there it didn't take long for Suzuki to become involved in racing and the rest as they say is history. Suzuki sports bikes in particular have a very loyal following from the screaming strokers to howling gixers. GPR exhausts are a perfect fit for so many Suzuki models. Whichever Suzuki you ride please take a look at what GPR can offer. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and value that can only add to the Suzuki owning experience.

B-KingDR Big 750 (1987-89)DR125SMDR600 (1985-88)DRZ400SM (2005-12)Gladius 650 (2009-)GSF1200 Bandit (2005-06)GSF400 Bandit (1989-97)GSF650 Bandit (2005-06)GSR400 GhostGSR600 Ghost TypeGSX 600-750 FGSX-R1000 K1 K2 (2001-02)GSX-R1000 K3 K4 (2003-2004)GSX-R1000 K5 K6 (2005-2006)GSX-R1000K9-K10GSX-R600-750 K1 K3 (2000-03)GSX-R600-750 K6 K7 (2006-07)GSX-R600-750 L1 2011-Hayabusa (2008-14)Inazuma 250 2013 -SV 650 (2006-08)SV650 (1999-02)TL1000SV-STROM 1000 before 2013XF650 Freewind (1997-)

DR 650 (1997-11)DR Big 800DR350 (1990-93)DRZ400E (2001-06)DRZ-S400 (2000-03)GSF1200 Bandit (1996-04)GSF1250 Bandit (2007-12)GSF600 Bandit (1995-03)GSF650 Bandit (2007-12)GSR600 - GSR600SGSR750GSX1400 (2001-04)GSX-R1000 K3 K4 (2003-04)GSX-R1000 K5 K6 (2005-06)GSX-R1000 K7 K8 (2007-2008)GSX-R600 GSX-R750 SRAD (1996-00)GSX-R600-750 K4 K5 (2004-05)GSX-R600-750 K8-GSX-R750 (1992-95)Hayabusa (Pre 2008)SV 650 (2003)SV1000TL1000RVan Van 125V-Strom 650

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