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Choosing An Exhaust

If you use your motorcycle on the road the most likely choice is for you to replace the silencer only. This is generally known as a slip-on regardless of whether it actually bolts on or in fact is a push fit. A replacement silencer will usually save a little weight (or a lot), give a sportier exhaust note and allow you to individualise your bike.

The option to a slip-on is a full system which completely replaces the standard exhaust system. Full systems are expensive and are designed to save weight and add power. They are not usually road legal and are designed for racing and will normally require tuning of the fuel management system to work correctly.

Slip-on silencers from GPR are available as a road legal or race spec. The difference varies from model to model but generally the race spec silencers have less noise reduction and or a larger bore internally. The silencers listed on this web site are all road legal unless otherwise stated. We do not advise fitting race silencers for road use. They will usually require tuning of the fuel management system and will not be e marked.

Power gains on race exhausts tend to be at the upper end of the rev scale whilst power gins for our road legal exhaust tend to be lower in the rev range where it is more useful for road riding.

There are different choices of material, these will affect the way the silencer looks, the amount of weight saved but not the way it will perform.

Always consider any modifications that you may have made to your bike before ordering an exhaust. The exhaust will have been designed to fit a standard bike.

If you are not sure about any aspect of choosing an exhaust please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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